Monday, September 21, 2009

Photo in Header

The photo above is a simple Zen rock garden in Kyoto, Japan acknowledged to be one of the masterpieces of Japanese culture. The garden is twenty five meters by ten meters and was built during the 15th Century by Soami a famous painter and gardener. It's simple beauty brings many daily visitors who spend hours contemplating and meditating much the way the ancient samurai did hundreds of years ago. The garden takes up a small portion of the massive grounds of Ryoanji Temple. I've visited Ryoanji Temple on numerous occasions and feel that it represents the inner peace, focus and relaxation all of us should try and find on a daily basis. For those of you that have read my book 21st Century Samurai: The Secret Path to Success and Fulfillment you're already aware of the impact Eastern Philosophy and the Bushido in particular has had on my life.

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