Thursday, January 7, 2010


Living within the pyramid is putting yourself in the ready position, the ready position for life. Ready to be the best you can be in every aspect of your life. Giving yourself an opportunity to “tap into your chi” or your highest potential. The ready position for life means your physical, mental and spiritual sides are all working together in unison, thus living within the pyramid. This does not happen by chance but requires daily practice and commitment. Over time you enter a state I like to call entrainment. This enables you to tap into your hidden potential or “chi” on a more frequent basis.

Spiritual, is the base or foundation of the pyramid and in many ways I consider it the most important of the 3 elements. The spiritual component is your value system it is your beliefs, your code of conduct, your guide to how you will live your life. We develop this system through our parents, religious teachings and exposure to many other people, places and things. Critical to the spiritual element is not what you say but what you do. In a word, it is integrity. If you attend church or synagogue with every intention of doing the right thing as taught on Saturday or Sunday but then lie to your colleagues, are ruthless in business and are absent to your kids school play or baseball game when you say family is most important are you truly spiritual?

You cannot be spiritual by showing up for services on Sunday alone, you are judged by how you live your life each and every day. The spiritual element is often described by key words such as passion, love, persistence, the heart of a champion, and faith. Indeed faith is a critical aspect of spirituality a belief that there is something out there greater than us. Although it’s not necessary to put aside 10 -15 minutes daily to practice spirituality you are tested every single day. How you react to the myriad of challenges you face each day in your profession, your social circles and your family life truly tests your value system. If you hold firm to your values and beliefs your spiritual side is strengthened, if you cave in to the pressures of your peers, your own thirst for money or power the spiritual side is weakened. An individual who is true to his value system truly has an indomitable spirit where anything is possible.

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