Wednesday, December 16, 2009


In part 2 of reaching and sustaining your goals we will examine one of 3 success ingredients Olympic Champions have shared with me over the past year, COMMITTMENT. How committed are you to achieving your goals? How much energy are you willing to commit to achieve your dreams. Commitment is the resilience, the persistence the indomitable spirit that propels achievers to reach success. There is no room for negatives in their vocabulary; they simply will out hustle and out work you. They will never ever give up. They may fall down but they will inevitably get back up over and over again. They will learn from their experiences and make whatever adjustments are necessary to stay committed to their goal.

Last week, I did a motivational talk for the reigning NCAA Gymnastic Team Champions at the University of Oklahoma. In attendance, were many All-Americans as well as multiple individual NCAA Champions. They had reached the epitome of team success at the college level so you might wonder what words of wisdom could I offer? Simply this, Think beyond the limits an NCAA title projects, and think of your potential. How good can you become? What is your potential as a Champion Gymnast? What is necessary to transform the champion gymnast you are today to being something even greater? Not many years ago, arguable the greatest golfer of all time Tiger Woods, decided he needed to relearn his golf swing. He had already won numerous PGA Grand Slam Tournaments and was ranked number one in the world yet he realized that he could get better if he made minor adjustments to his basic swing and became committed to the time necessary and even the inevitable short term setbacks that may occur. Tiger was committed to not only be the best in the world but to be the best golfer he could become.

Commitment requires 100% effort during your practice time. I introduced the gymnastic team to an analogy I like to use which represents the energy requirement to transform themselves to the greatness that lies within, 451. Rub two sticks together and it takes 451 degrees of energy to transform the heat being produced through your efforts to finally create fire! It is activation energy. The majority of people will rub those two sticks together and perhaps generate 350-400 degrees of heat, and quit thinking this is impossible. Some may even get to 450 degrees but even that falls short………just think one more degree would transform all the heat and energy your producing into fire. The difference between success and failure is often paper-thin sometimes just by a degree. Are you willing to put out the energy required to transform yourself into your higher self, to become the best you can be, to go beyond the mental limits you’ve placed on yourself? STAY COMMITTED

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